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Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Estate Sale Organizer

Estate Sale Organizer NY

Why should you hire a professional estate sale organizer?  The reasons are endless, but we aim to cover a few top reasons why it’s essential to hire an estate sale company and maximize the value.  After the death of a loved one, there are many things to consider including their estate.  It can be an emotionally overwhelming time, and a huge task to undertake all by yourself.  There are a lot of details that go into planning when you are liquidating a lifetime of collections, the burden gets even bigger if you are a family member that’s lives far away.

The preparation period alone is extremely time consuming, and most families do not have the time to invest trying to figure things out while maintaining their daily routines including jobs, family, kids, and everything else that consumes our daily lives.  A professional estate sale organizer can ease this burden, if not eliminate it all together!

Some estates will include a variation of valuables that will be sold.  Entire collections may include fine art, statues, antique jewelry, and vintage clothing.  Getting an estate sale organizer is essential.  An estate sale is not as simple as selling someone’s belongings.  It involves due diligence, proper research, understanding value, and finding the right buyers for the estate sale itself.

An Estate Sale Organizer Understands Value

Just because an item is sentimental to you, it doesn’t mean it’s valuable monetarily.  An experienced estate sale professional will provide a personal property appraisal that will help you determine the fair market value an item will fetch in today’s market.  The first thing we tell clients is “If it’s a sentimental item, we suggest you keep it” The value of a sentimental item to our crew is priceless.

Our St. Lawrence estate sale company in Canton specializes in personal properly appraisals and our estate sale organizing team is extremely experienced in the process of organizing, and pricing items properly.   Our goal is to respect your family’s heritage and help you during a very difficult time, efficiently and compassionately.

Advertising the Estate Sale

We use various insider marketing and advertising methods to reach as many potential buyers as possible, besides the hundreds of buyers that specifically frequent our sales or shop our estate sales online.  We showcase your items to the right buyers, thus fetching your family the best possible price.  Whether it’s an entire collection, or just a few pieces of art, jewelry, or other collectibles.  We have an estate sale services option that’s the right fit for your situation.

Organizing the Estate Sale

If it’s an on-site estate sale you choose, the staging and organizing process is extremely important.  Our goal is to highlight the items in a manner that’s most desirable for potential buyers.  We have been providing estate sales in Jefferson county, organizing estate sales in Franklin County and St. Lawrence County for many years. As a professional estate sale organizer of choice, we know how to properly stage to maximize the sale.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

To sum it up! There are many good reasons to hire an estate sale company, let’s face the facts.  Many people do not have the time to plan, organize, properly research, price and market an estate sale, especially during a difficult time of losing a family member.

Our staff is experienced, compassionate, and ready to help in our community.  We pride ourselves on helping many families whether they need a moving sale, downsizing estate sale, or have experienced the loss of a loved one.  No other estate sale company in St. Lawrence County offers the various estate sale service options we offer at EstateFindsOnline.comContact us, and let’s discuss the liquidation options together.

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Hiring an Estate Sale Company, What You Need to Know!

St Lawrence NY estate sale company - jefferson - franklin county liquidator

There are many life transition situations that require you to hire a liquidator.  Our St. Lawrence estate sale company in Canton has been called upon on many occasions for multiple reasons.  Knowing your options and the process of hiring a professional estate sale company is extremely important, after all you’re trusting someone with your most prized possessions.

Reasons for Hiring an Estate Sale Company

Death is often the common reason, but it’s not the only one!  Downsizing, divorce, moving to another state due to work, or simply freeing yourself from the burden of an entire collection are just a few of the reasons people are hiring an estate sale company.

Process of Deciding on a Liquidator

It’s simple really, depending on your area, it’s important to interview multiple companies.  We are the choice for a professional liquidator in Canton NY because we are experienced, have multiple avenues of liquidating the items, and serve the entire surrounding areas including Jefferson County and Franklin County.

The estate industry is not regulated, a professional estate sale company like Estate Finds Online regulates itself by being upstanding professionals in the community and hold memberships and designations that insures your estate sale or appraisal will be successful one.

How much do estate sales cost?

Our estate sale company offers a wide range of options for estate liquidation.  We only conduct our sales after we’ve discussed everything in detail with you or your family.  Homeowners, Realtors, and legal professionals rely on our expertise when they need an estate sale in Jefferson County, Franklin County or St. Lawrence.

Our history speaks for itself, we have earned our reputation through providing the highest quality service and options that bring our clients value when they need a moving sale, on-line estate sale, appraisal, consignment or anything else.

If you’re ready to liquidate the personal assets, entire collections, or want to hire a professional estate liquidator to help you through the process, contact us for a complimentary evaluation.