Whether you’re retiring or simply downsizing into a smaller home, the process can be quite daunting.  We take the stress out of downsizing your home by providing estate liquidation services in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Franklin County that will help you retain value from your personal items.

How does the downsizing liquidation work?

There are various options to choose from, our team of professionals will meet with you to discuss your goals.  Whether you’re selling all the items in the home or only the items you choose, we have a liquidation method for you.  Once you choose a method, we will take care of the rest.

How Much does it Cost?

The cost will vary depending on the method of liquidation you choose.  A downsizing estate sale can be done on-site in your home, off-site at a location we choose, listed online or we can consign a select group of items.  Don’t want a sale at all? We can buy the entire contents with our estate sale buyout option.

Estate Finds Online is a professional St. Lawrence estate sale company in Canton NY.  We provide services to our clients in all surrounding areas including estate sales in Jefferson County, and Franklin County.

Is the Downsizing Estate Sale Worth it?

Everything starts with an evaluation, once we meet and discuss your goals, we will be able to discuss whether a downsizing estate sale makes sense for you.

We are professional members of the estate industry organizations, have conducted hundreds of estate sales and work closely with many homeowners, Realtors, and legal professionals to provide the highest quality service available.

Free Estate Evaluation

If you’re ready to transition into a smaller home and looking to downsize without the loss of value, contact our team of estate sale professionals to provide you with a complimentary assessment and evaluation.  We want you to focus on your exciting new transition and make the process hassle free and enjoyable.