American Waltham Pocket Watch


American Waltham Pocket Watch

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American Waltham Pocket Watch, made in 1883, gold tone, serial number 2116248. Inside the case are numbers 3314BJ and 4959BJ, marked with Sheffield Lion, Philadelphia Watch Case Co. Missing hands and glass. Estate item sold as is.

Grade: Home Watch Co.

Manufacturer: Waltham
Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Movement Serial Number: 2116248
Grade: Home Watch Co.
Model: 1877
Estimated Production Date: May 1883 – September 1883
Run Quantity: 1,500
Total Production: 99,980
Size: 18s
Jewels: 7j
Movement Configuration: Either
Movement Setting: Key
Plate: Full Plate
Balance Type: Solid
Balance Material: Steel
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No
Quality Rating:
Data Research: 1954 Waltham “Gray Book” List
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