Grateful Dead 1990’s Vintage Concert TShirt Winnie the Pooh


Grateful Dead Vintage TShirt

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VINTAGE CONCERT TSHIRTS – ORIGINAL!!! !!  SOOO RARE!!  Shirt comes  certificate of authenticity that the shirt came from the Joseph Scovel Grateful Dead collection and was worn at a Grateful Dead Concert.

This is a rare  1990’s Grateful Dead Tshirt.

Tan/brown t shirt with Winnie the Pooh “Listening for the secret – Searching for the sound” on front.  Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger “Life is just a bundle of joy” on the back.

SIZE- X Large
CONDITION:- USED.  There is the normal staining and fading due to age and quality of shirt.

This shirt was worn and owned by Joseph Scovel and is part of the Joseph Scovel Grateful Dead Collection.

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