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Guide to Selecting & Buying the Right Estate Jewelry

Are you one of those ladies who gets intimidated by the variety of choices as soon as they enter a jewelry store? Well, guess what? Finding, selecting and buying estate jewelry is much more fun and less intimidating.

Although buying a perfect and daunting piece of jewelry could be a daunting task, it can be a total breeze if you know what to buy. Buying estate jewelry is like buying clothes; you need to stick to your own style, trust your choice and look at your budget.

Turban Hat with Vintage Estate Jewelry Brooch

Estate Jewelry Finds To Complement Your Style!

What’s interesting about buying estate jewelry is the “unique factor”.  Many of the pieces found at estate sales are quite rare in style and scream originality.

Always remember that whatever jewelry you decide to buy should complement your own unique style.

estate jewelry brooch butterfly
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Vintage Estate Jewelry Should Match Your Desire For Attention

Whether you like the antique brooches or the large statement 80’s jewelry, estate sales have an abundance of fine jewelry and vintage jewelry to satisfy your attention desires.

If you are one of the shy ladies who do not like to mingle with the crowd, then do not settle for a piece of jewelry that attracts attention. On the other hand, if you prefer to stand in the limelight then make sure your estate jewelry plays the role in helping you shine.

art deco antique cross brooch
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Re-purpose the Vintage Estate Jewelry Finds

Lately, the runways are filled with antique and vintage jewelry pieces that are re-purposed.  An antique brooch can easily be turned into a hair clip or placed on a scarf wrapped around the hair.  There are no limits to what you can do with estate jewelry pieces.

Pearls are re-stranded and used in clothes embroideries to add a wow factor.  Whatever your heart desires can be found at estate sales.  Our St. Lawrence estate sale company specializes in estate sale services and provides liquidation options to clients throughout the New York area including Franklin County and Jefferson County.

Shop our estate jewelry finds online or contact us for our wide range of estate sale and liquidation services, we’re always glad to help.  Happy Shopping!